Friday, 25 February 2011

खुली खिड़की से 
बाहर झाँकते हुए
सोच रही हूँ ,
नारी हूँ ....
किन्तु वह क्या है 
जो नर सा नहीं 
नारी सा है ?
चेतना का वह 
कौन सा स्तर है 
जो नर व नारी को 
अलग कर देता है?
देख रही हूँ ...आस -पास 
एक नारी की दृष्टि से 
किन्तु एक नर कैसे देखता है 
अपना आस -पास ?
आखिर एक पुरुष 
किस नज़रिए से देखता है उन सब को 
जिन्हें मैं 'एक नारी ' देख रही हूँ ?
आखिर कैसा है 
एक पुरुष होना ?
सोच रही हूँ ....
एक नारी खिड़की से बाहर झाँकते हुए 
देख रही हूँ 
खुद को आंकते हुए .
कभी बाहर तो कभी 
भीतर झाँकते हुए ...नारी हूँ .......


prem said...

lines are few but the thought is enough to spend few days to get how the writer thinking ..idea is so deep and even it force me to think how a girl think and why it is different from a man ..

perhaps we can know about the opposite sex tht how we think different to each other which are these points that make our thinking differ or what the hell in society that force us to think differ ,definatelly there is something that matters .

These lines are great as usual . I appreciate the composition and the idea , matter is generally discuss but presented very nicely that make a complete sense ..

Hope we man can understand these beautiful lines


vikas said...

Hello Manasvinee,

I'd like to know if the words "self-appreciation" and "self-love" exist.
And can we "prove oneself to other people" ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

manasvinee mukul said...

vikas ji ,at first I would like to know the source of this question .Which thing made you ask this question ?Was there something in my poem that you created phrases like "self-appreciation" and "self-love"?please do reply so that I can justify your thanks given in advance.